Ronnie S Evans

Company History

Ronnie S Evans is a Welsh company run by a Welsh speaking family. We are proud of both our heritage and language and we reflect our culture and values in whatever we do.

The business started in the early 1960’s by Ronnie S. Evans and is now run by the family who have maintained the ethics and good customer service for which the company has become known and respected over the years.

The business started as agricultural merchants, storage and warehousing company and was responsible for the storage of animal feeds and fertilizers for the agricultural industry.   Over time we moved into our own dedicated transport which enabled to offer better services to our customers.  Customer demand and new opportunities encouraged us to move in to raw materials haulage, metal recycling and food transportation.

Today we are a significant player in the UK transport business across a range of sectors.


Ronnie S Evans - Transportation & Haulage Services - Maes Garage - Bancffosfelen - Llanelli - Carmarthenshire - SA15 5DW - Wales - T: 01269 870 364 - F: 01269 871 037