Ronnie S Evans

Haulage Services and Refrigerated Transport

Ronnie S Evans is a family owned & run Haulage business transporting goods and materials for a wide range of clients across industry, manufacturing and food production to the whole of the UK and into Europe.

Based in Wales, with depots the Midlands and London we are able provide efficient and cost effective national transport solutions to all of our clients.

Our computerised fleet management system ensures that we know where every one of our extensive fleet of vehicles is, so we are able to offer collection on time every time.

We operate 7 days a week 365 days a year and at 24 hours notice for our clients.

Ronnie S. Evans Haulage combines a wealth of experience with quality and reliability which adds up to an unequalled haulage service all at the most competitive rates.

GPS Tracking

Ronnie S Evans vehicle are equipped with the latest Daimler Fleetboard GPS Tracking systems. From our central office we can track and monitor all of our vehicles and know where they are on their way with your cargo. The integrated Fleetboard system enables us to see vehicle position, speed and other important information 

FleetBoard uses state-of-the-art technologies to provide its services. The position of each vehicle can be identified via satellite at any time. Data will be transmitted from and to the vehicle using the latest mobile radio technology. The advantage is that wherever there is a mobile network you will also have a connection to the vehicle carring your goods.

High performance computers in the European Data Centre of Daimler in Stuttgart assure the secure and accurate processing of data. The data is provided to the Ronnie S Evans Controller via the Internet.

In the vehicle the driver is supported by easy to handle technology and a convenient Navigation.

Ronnie S Evans - Transportation & Haulage Services - Maes Garage - Bancffosfelen - Llanelli - Carmarthenshire - SA15 5DW - Wales - T: 01269 870 364 - F: 01269 871 037